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Make AI Apps


Realtime Web Apps and Dashboards for Python

Know Python?

No HTML, CSS, Javascript skills required. Build rich, interactive web apps using pure Python.

Realtime Sync

Broadcast live information, visualizations and graphics using Wave's low-latency realtime server.

Collaborative Content

Instant control over every connected web browser using a simple and intuitive programming model.

Develop Quickly

Preview your app live as you code. Dramatically reduce the time and effort to build web apps.

Deploy Instantly

Easily share your apps with end-users, get feedback, improve and iterate.

Run Anywhere

~10MB static executables for Linux, Windows, OSX, BSD, Solaris on AMD64, 386, ARM, PPC. Run it on a RPi Zero for great good!

What can Wave achieve?

The following are just a few of hundreds of Wave apps built within The most mind-blowing thing is that all presented apps were built by our data science and machine learning people, no software engineer necessary.

H2O Hydrogen Torch

H2O Hydrogen Torch is an application that allows novice and expert data scientists to build deep learning models for a large set of diverse problem types in computer vision, natural language, and audio. No code is required.

H2O Load Forecaster

This application enables the users to generate load forecasts for multiple historical load series (e.g., AMI meters, substations, etc.) using a combination of industry standard and advanced machine learning algorithms.

H2O Model Validation

H2O Model Validation is a tool for Data Scientists and Model Validators to analyse robustness and stability of trained models. It helps to reveal weaknesses and vulnurabilities in data and models that can lead to accuracy deterioration.

H2O Document Signature Checker

Detect and verify signatures from the documents using deep learning. This H2O wave application uses Deep Learning models trained using H2O Hydrogen Torch Engine and Deployed on H2O MLOps to detect Sigantures and Stamps on the documents.