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New in Wave 0.15: WaveDB

· One min read
Prithvi Prabhu

Wave v0.15 is out. This release ships with WaveDB, a lightweight companion database to Wave, based on SQLite.

WaveDB is SQLite with a HTTP interface.

It is a ~6MB (~2MB UPX-compressed) self-contained, zero-dependency executable that bundles SQLite 3.35.5 (2021-04-19) with JSON1, RTREE, FTS5, GEOPOLY, STAT4, and SOUNDEX.

If you are already a fan of SQLite, WaveDB acts as a thin HTTP-server wrapper that lets you access your SQLite databases over a network.

WaveDB can be used as a lightweight, cross-platform, installation-free companion SQL database for Wave apps. The h2o-wave package includes non-blocking async functions to access WaveDB.

Learn more about WaveDB


Get the release here. Check out the release notes for more details.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the community and hearing your feedback as we further improve and expand the H2O Wave platform.

We'd like to thank the entire Wave team and the community for all of the contributions to this work!