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WaveML / DAI / Instances

List the Driverless AI instances of the user on Steam.

import os
from h2o_wave import main, app, Q, uifrom h2o_wave_ml.utils import list_dai_instances
STEAM_URL = os.environ.get('STEAM_URL')STEAM_TEXT = f'''No Driverless AI instances available. You may create one in     <a href="{STEAM_URL}/#/driverless/instances" target="_blank">AI Engines</a> and refresh the page.'''
ICON_MAP = {    'created': 'Blocked2Solid',    'starting': 'Blocked2Solid',    'running': 'CompletedSolid',    'unreachable': 'AlertSolid',    'failed': 'AlertSolid',    'stopping': 'Blocked2Solid',    'stopped': 'Blocked2Solid',    'terminating': 'Blocked2Solid',    'terminated': 'Blocked2Solid'}

def dai_instances_table(dai_instances: list):    # dai instances in ui.table    return ui.table(        name='table_dai',        columns=[            ui.table_column(name='id', label='Id', min_width='50px', max_width='51px', link=False),            ui.table_column(name='name', label='Name', link=False),            ui.table_column(name='status', label='Status', cell_type=ui.icon_table_cell_type(color='#CDDD38'),                            link=False),            ui.table_column(name='description', label='Description', link=False),            ui.table_column(name='version', label='Version', link=False)        ],        rows=[            ui.table_row(str(i), [                str(dai_instances[i]['id']),                dai_instances[i]['name'],                ICON_MAP[dai_instances[i]['status']],                dai_instances[i]['status'],                dai_instances[i]['version']            ]) for i in range(len(dai_instances))        ]    )

def form_unsupported():    # display when app is not running on cloud    return [        ui.text('''This example requires access to Driverless AI running on            <a href="" target="_blank">H2O AI Hybrid Cloud</a>             and does not support standalone app instances.'''),        ui.text('''Sign up at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>            to run apps on cloud.''')    ]

def form_default(q: Q):    # display when app is initialized    return [        ui.label(label='List of Driverless AI instances'),        dai_instances_table(dai_instances=q.client.dai_instances)    ]

@app('/demo')async def serve(q: Q):    if 'H2O_CLOUD_ENVIRONMENT' not in os.environ:        # show appropriate message if app is not running on cloud['example'] = ui.form_card(            box='1 1 -1 -1',            items=form_unsupported()        )    else:        # DAI instances        q.client.dai_instances = list_dai_instances(refresh_token=q.auth.refresh_token)
        # display ui        if q.client.dai_instances:  ['example'] = ui.form_card(                box='1 1 -1 -1',                items=form_default(q)            )        else:  ['example'] = ui.form_card(                box='1 1 -1 -1',                items=[ui.text(content=STEAM_TEXT)]            )