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WaveML / H2O-3

Build Wave Models for training and prediction of classification or regression using H2O-3 AutoML.

from h2o_wave import main, app, Q, uifrom h2o_wave_ml import build_model, ModelType
from sklearn.datasets import load_winefrom sklearn.model_selection import train_test_split

@app('/demo')async def serve(q: Q):    if q.args.train:        # train WaveML Model using H2O-3 AutoML        q.client.wave_model = build_model(            train_df=q.client.train_df,            target_column='target',            model_type=ModelType.H2O3,            _h2o3_max_runtime_secs=5,            _h2o3_nfolds=2        )        model_id = q.client.wave_model.model.model_id        accuracy = round(100 - q.client.wave_model.model.mean_per_class_error() * 100, 2)
        # show training details and prediction option['example'].items[1].buttons.items[1].button.disabled = False['example'].items[2].message_bar.type = 'success'['example'].items[2].message_bar.text = 'Training successfully completed!'['example'].items[3].text.content = f'''**H2O AutoML model id:** {model_id} <br />            **Accuracy:** {accuracy}%'''['example'].items[4].text.content = ''    elif q.args.predict:        # predict on test data        preds = q.client.wave_model.predict(test_df=q.client.test_df)
        # show predictions['example'].items[2].message_bar.text = 'Prediction successfully completed!'['example'].items[4].text.content = f'''**Example predictions:** <br />            {preds[0]} <br /> {preds[1]} <br /> {preds[2]}'''    else:        # prepare sample train and test dataframes        data = load_wine(as_frame=True)['frame']        q.client.train_df, q.client.test_df = train_test_split(data, train_size=0.8)
        # display ui['example'] = ui.form_card(            box='1 1 -1 -1',            items=[                ui.text(content='''The sample dataset used is the                    <a href="" target="_blank">wine dataset</a>.'''),                ui.buttons(items=[                    ui.button(name='train', label='Train', primary=True),                    ui.button(name='predict', label='Predict', primary=True, disabled=True),                ]),                ui.message_bar(type='warning', text='Training will take a few seconds'),                ui.text(content=''),                ui.text(content='')            ]        )