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Tall article preview

When you have multiple articles, want to display them all and give the user a choice.

Check the full API at ui.tall_article_preview_card.


content = '''### Sub Header
Nunc scelerisque tincidunt elit. Vestibulum non mi ipsum. Cras pretium suscipit tellus sit ametsa aliquet.'''['example'] = ui.tall_article_preview_card(    box='1 1 4 6',    title='Tall article preview',    subtitle='Click the card',    value='$19',    name='tall_article',    image='',    content=content,    items=[        ui.buttons(items=[            ui.button(name='like', label='Like'),            ui.button(name='comment', label='Comment'),            ui.button(name='share', label='Share'),        ]),    ])

If you specify the name attribute, the whole card becomes clickable. This can be used for leading into the detail view.