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Message bar

A message bar is a fancier way of telling your users what's going on. Whether something finished with success or failure or to give them additional info/warning about upcoming app maintenance. This component supports plaintext, markdown and even HTML!

Check the full API at ui.message_bar.

message_bar-0['form'] = ui.form_card(    box='1 1 4 7',    items=[        ui.message_bar(type='blocked', text='This action is blocked.'),        ui.message_bar(type='error', text='This is an error message'),        ui.message_bar(type='warning', text='This is a warning message.'),        ui.message_bar(type='info', text='This is an information message.'),        ui.message_bar(type='success', text='This is an success message.'),        ui.message_bar(type='danger', text='This is a danger message.'),        ui.message_bar(type='success', text='This is a **MARKDOWN** _message_.'),        ui.message_bar(type='success', text='This is an <b>HTML</b> <i>message</i>.'),    ])

With buttons#

message_bar-1['form'] = ui.form_card(    box='1 1 4 2',    items=[        ui.message_bar(type='success', text='This is a success message.', buttons=[            ui.button(name='cancel', label='Cancel'),            ui.button(name='agree', label='Agree', primary=True),        ]),    ])