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Text Annotator

Use text annotator when you need to highlight text phrases. Useful for NLP.

text_annotator-0['example'] = ui.form_card(box='1 1 4 10', items=[    ui.text_annotator(        name='annotator',        title='Select text to annotate',        tags=[            ui.text_annotator_tag(name='p', label='Person', color='#F1CBCB'),            ui.text_annotator_tag(name='o', label='Org', color='#CAEACA'),        ],        items=[            ui.text_annotator_item(text='Killer Mike', tag='p'),            ui.text_annotator_item(text=' is a member, of the hip hop supergroup '),  # no tag            ui.text_annotator_item(text='Run the Jewels', tag='o'),        ],    )])