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Create a profile card to display information about a user.

from h2o_wave import site, ui
page = site['/demo']
image = ''page.add('example', ui.profile_card(    box='1 1 3 5',    image='', # noqa    persona=ui.persona(title='John Doe', subtitle='Data Scientist', image=image),    items=[        ui.inline(justify='center', items=[            ui.mini_buttons([                ui.mini_button(name='upload', label='Upload', icon='Upload'),                ui.mini_button(name='share', label='Share', icon='Share'),                ui.mini_button(name='download', label='Download', icon='Download'),            ])        ]),        ui.inline(justify='center', items=[            ui.button(name='btn1', label='Button 1'),            ui.button(name='btn2', label='Button 2'),            ui.button(name='btn3', label='Button 3'),        ]),    ]))