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Form / Text / Sizes

Use text size variants to display formatted text using predefined font sizes.

from h2o_wave import site, ui
page = site['/demo']
page['example'] = ui.form_card(    box='1 1 4 10',    items=[        ui.separator('Separator'),        ui.text_xl('Extra large text'),        ui.text_l('Large text'),        ui.text('Normal text'),        ui.text_m('Medium text'),        ui.text_s('Small text'),        ui.text_xs('Extra small text'),
        # Using `ui.text()` with a `size` argument produces similar results:        ui.separator('Separator'),        ui.text('Extra large text', size=ui.TextSize.XL),        ui.text('Large text', size=ui.TextSize.L),        ui.text('Normal text'),        ui.text('Medium text', size=ui.TextSize.M),        ui.text('Small text', size=ui.TextSize.S),        ui.text('Extra small text', size=ui.TextSize.XS),    ],)

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