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Form / Textbox / Trigger

To handle live changes to a textbox, enable the trigger attribute.

from typing import Optionalfrom h2o_wave import main, app, Q, ui

def to_pig_latin(text: Optional[str]):    if not text:        return '*Type in some text above to translate to Pig Latin!*'    words = text.lower().strip().split(' ')    texts = []    for word in words:        if word[0] in 'aeiou':            texts.append(f'{word}yay')        else:            for letter in word:                if letter in 'aeiou':                    texts.append(f'{word[word.index(letter):]}{word[:word.index(letter)]}ay')                    break    return ' '.join(texts)

def get_form_items(txt: Optional[str]):    return [        ui.textbox(name='text', label='English', multiline=True, trigger=True),        ui.label('Pig Latin'),        ui.text(to_pig_latin(txt)),    ]

@app('/demo')async def serve(q: Q):    if not q.client.initialized:['example'] = ui.form_card(box='1 1 4 10', items=get_form_items(None))        q.client.initialized = True    if q.args.text is not None:['example'].items = get_form_items(q.args.text)    await

Tags: โ€‚form โ€‚textbox โ€‚trigger