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Plot / Wide

Create a wide plot card displaying a plot with title and caption.

from h2o_wave import site, ui, datafrom synth import FakeCategoricalSeries
page = site['/demo']
f = FakeCategoricalSeries()n = 10v = page.add('example', ui.wide_plot_card(    box='1 1 5 4',    title='Wide Plot Card',    caption='''    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Quia aliquam maxime quos facere    necessitatibus tempore eum odio, qui illum. Repellat modi dolor facilis odio ex possimus    ''',    data=data('product price', n),    plot=ui.plot([ui.mark(type='interval', x='=product', y='=price', y_min=0)]))) = [(c, x) for c, x, dx in [ for _ in range(n)]]